Controlling Sonos from Gira HomeServer QuadClient 1.2

As a big surprise I discovered the UPnP plugins for Gira HomeServer QuadClient from the latest buid of Expert software in conjunction with QuadClient 1.2 as a client is able to control most of the functionality of the Sonos system.


  • There is still no access to music services such as internet radio, deezer or local audio plugs at the zone player. While every zone player is visible as a media server and all these services are listed, they come empty and there is no command to refresh their content.
  • There is no linking and unlinking commands for zone players.

How to install and configure

Just add UPnP Media Server plugin in Quadrant 3 and UPnP Media Renderer plugin in Quadrant 4 so both can be visible in the QuadClient at the same time.

Configure the UPnP Media Server plugin to hide all Sonos Zone Players since there is no much benefit to use them as servers. Let all other media servers visible (such as windows computers, nas media servers, etc)

How to operate

Display both media servers and media renderers quadrants at the same time. On the media renderer pane display your preffered Sonos Zone Player or local QC player (which integrates the computer’s media player). Access your desired media server and select your music. Click play and the music becomes live.

iPod, iPhone, iPad?

Sadly, the UPnP media plugins cannot be exported yet for the iOS apps clients.


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