16571 SBCForwarder HS Logic Module

Download here 16571_SBCForwarder.zip

This module can help stopping telegram storms generated by logic plus central addresses loops. I found this happening with the module 19004 (Position display for shutters (with additional positioning input) and template 1-107 (Shutters Awnings Roof window) from Quad Client. The documentation of this template requires to have the status output as a central address for positioning input. Then after the status output changes based on positioning input a telegram storm starts repeating the same command over and over. Therefore, I needed to insert a SBC forwarder somewhere in the loop to stop this storm and let only changes to take place


At every Signal input telegram, the input value is memorized. If the input value is different than the previous value that was memorized, then it is sent by the A1 output.


Input Init Description
Input 1 0 Analog signal to be processed (float)


Output Init Description
Output 1 … (Send) 0 Same as input signal value


Recalculation during start: No  
Module is retentive: No  
Internal name: 16571  


The module is categorised in the “Expert” in the „Additional Modules“ category.


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