Recommended Stories for WordPress

I wrote a WordPress plugin to handle in a different way the sticky posts, i.e. as recommended stories with links into a jQuery animated box.

Installation can be done using: plugin repository.

Admins can select four parameters:

  1. the *percent of vertical scroll* where the animated box appears
  2. the *number* of recent sticky posts to list
  3. if the posts have thumbnail there is an option to turn on / turn off the *thumbnail theme capability*
  4. since the sticky posts are presented this way, maybe there is no need to keep them on the front page anymore, so the third option allows to *disable the sticky property of posts in the main loops*

Other features

  1. when displaying a post that is sticky, the corresponding link is eliminated from the animated box
  2. if the sticky posts list remains empty, the animated box is not displayed anymore

== Installation ==

  1. Upload `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

The animated box is not animated, it just appears at all times
This is most probable a jQuery conflict with the theme or with another plugin. Try to switch to the default theme and / or disable other plugins.

== Changelog ==
= 0.1.3 =
Added admin options to display only on single pages, search pages, archives, category pages, tag pages, front page, author pages
Added admin options to display only for logged in users

= 0.1.2 =
Added metabox to remove recommended stories from specific posts, pages or custom posts id’s
Fixed some minor bugs that triggered javascript errors in certain conditions

= 0.1.1 =
Added option to modify the percent of vertical scroll where the animated box appears

= 0.1 =
Incipient version


3 responses to “Recommended Stories for WordPress”

  1. Great plugin thank you. Is it possible to only show this plugin on single post pages please?

  2. Yes, it is but I need to add it as an option. Will do it in a couple of weeks then publish a new version.

  3. Version 0.1.3 has options in the admin area to display only on specific pages and also to display only for authenticated users.

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